Still today the holiday farm La Derta shows the will of the old owners to create a self-sufficient microcosm with its spring water, fruit and olive trees, a vegetable garden, and the surrounding wood – an oasis of beauty and harmony.

The statue of Neptune located in the garden and the main room of the Palazzone, with rich frescos, are the testimony of the history of this place.

The lowest building of the property, below the hill of olive trees, hosts the rooms of the holiday farm La Derta. The structure of the XVIII century was intended for farming reasons, but recently renovated.
The tallest building, also called Palazzone, is the ex-Villa Ciceri, the old summer residence of the cardinal of Como. Later, the property was bought by Francesco Melzi d’Eril to link the water spring to the gardens of Villa Melzi.

Today the property is remembered as a place of meetings and leisure. It is also said that Manzoni and Parini spent time here!