History, nature, and hospitality create a unique atmosphere a few steps from Lake Como.

We are in Guggiate, a small district of Bellagio. La Derta is located here, in an old rural land where time is set by the rhythm of the countryside.

The day goes on slowly, between the work in the fields, the transformation of the fruit, and the moments of rest in the flourishing garden of the family-run business.

Nature is the queen in the holiday farm La Derta; spaces in which you can rest between aromatic herbs, ingredients of the season served at breakfast, itineraries that will take you to the lake or up to the mountain.

The holiday farm La Derta will host you in its simple, yet polished, rooms. They were created from a renovated building with care and focus on details.

Aurelia and Luiz would be delighted to welcome you into their home.