“The surface of the earth is soft
and impressible by the feet of men;
and so with the paths which the mind travels.”
H.D. Thoreau, Walden


La Derta is the name of a wide staircase of Spanish origin that runs along the garden of the property. That’s where the name of the farm holiday comes from!

We are more than happy to welcome wayfarers.

Ridge from Brunate to Bellagio: a splendid route into the nature, with an incredible view on the lakes, Lake Como, and the surrounding territory. The path will take you to the slopes of Mount San Primo before descending along the old mule track to Bellagio and then arriving to La Derta.

Strada Regia from Como to Bellagio: the Strada Regia was the historic road that connected Como to Bellagio along the oriental shore of the Lake. This long mule road was used by shepherds, wayfarers, and merchants up until the first years of the XX century. Today it is accessible to pedestrian and cyclists; they can travel through the small villages, encountering stone bridges, dry stone walls, and votive shrines along the way.

For more information about other itineraries, check out here: http://www.triangololariano.it/it/itinerari.aspx

Villa Melzi in Bellagio
To make you understand the historic connection with the territory, you will have the opportunity to visit the Gardens of Villa Melzi that allows you to comfortably reach the center of Bellagio.


The center of San Giovanni
La Derta is a few minutes away from San Giovanni, which overlooks on Lake Como. Here you can find:

  • the pier for the boat rides to Bellagio center and other villages on the lake;
  • a play area for children;
  • a small beach to cool down during the summer season;
  • a restaurant and a café to enjoy local fish and other typical products;
  • the museum of the navigation instruments;
  • the main church of Bellagio.